JULY 2017

The rise and fall of Napoleon, Life in Ancient Sparta, Jane Austen, the Troubles, Franklin's tragic expedition, LGBTQ+ rights, top ten partnerships, Cardiff Castle, Geeks and Gunslingers of the old west, and more!


Our big story...


Explore the rapid rise of Napoleon, one of the greatest military minds in history. Follow his path - from growing up a Corsican outsider, to ruling the continent, before his swift fall landed him as a prisoner on the remote island of St. Helena.

Also inside the issue...

This is Sparta

Could you survive in ancient Sparta? Experience the life of your average Spartan citizen - from brutal military school, to epic last stands on the battlefield, and not-so-peaceful retirement - for yourself.

John Franklin

Pat Kinsella separates fact from fiction in the fascinating - and horrific - story of Franklin's last expedition. Where and why did his ship - and crew of 129 - disappear?

The Troubles

See what life in early 1970s Northern Ireland was like for the ordinary men, women and children living in the midst of conflict.


John Dee, the original 007

Castro's first battle

The Cathars

HMS Dreadnought

The Battle of Sedgemoor

Castro and Cuba


... and much more!

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