April 2017

The adventures of Billy the Kid, Oscar Wilde, The Peasants’ Revolt, The Cultural Revolution, Top 10 Lost Cities, 50 discoveries that shaped history, and much more!


Our big story


Jonny Wilkes tells us the real story of Billy the Kid, a teenage outlaw in the Wile West. Though his adventures only lasted four years, he earned himself a reputation of a feared and ruthless gunslinger – but did he deserve it?

Also inside the issue

50 Greatest Discoveries

This free pull-out mag lists 50 incredible discoveries, found either by accident or research, that revealed a great deal of how humanity lived in days of old.

History Makers: Emperor Nero

One of the most notorious Emperors of Ancient Rome, Nero’s life of luxury and debauchery soon landed him in trouble

The Peasants Revolt

Dan Jones discusses one of the most interesting (and rare) episodes in English history, when the poor had thoroughly had enough of mistreatment


See China’s Cultural Revolution in incredible images

Explore Hitler’s Führerbunker

The Trial of Oscar Wilde

Top 10 Lost Cities

Oliver Cromwell’s last stand


… and much more!

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