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Learn the true story behind Christopher Nolan’s latest blockbuster, Dunkirk. Set on the beaches of Northern France, see why Britain’s evacuation from Nazi-occupied Europe was a turning point in World War 2, and how the heroic actions of ordinary people saved the day.

Also inside the issue…

In Pictures: The Independence and Partition of India

Explore the traumatic legacy of the end of colonialism on the Indian Subcontinent, and how mass inter-communal violence still plagues the region today.

The Victorian Seaside

As the popularity of ‘stay-cations’ increases, Anna Harris investigates the Victorian love affair with the British seaside.

Mata Hari

Dutch-born exotic dancer Mata Hari was once one of the most popular entertainers in Europe, but she met a tragic end when she was accused of being a spy. Was she really a double agent, or merely a scapegoat?


Cleopatra’s Last Days

Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites

Viking explorer ‘Lucky’ Leif Ericson

Battle of Blenheim

The New Zealand War

Hill Forts

Was there really a great flood?

… and much more!

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