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Horatio Nelson, perhaps the greatest naval mind Britain has ever known, is laid bare in this fascinating feature by Julian Humphrys. He may have been a brilliant soldier, but was he as great a lover as his reputation suggests?

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This brave African-American woman, who not only freed herself from slavery, but went back into the dangerous fold to liberate some of her fellow people.


The man who set a world record in his tiny aeroplane, flying from New York to Paris in 33 hours, ended up sparking a global obsession for air travel


See some harrowing photographs from the world's first, tragic nuclear bombing. Learn what the city was like before the attack, and what the rationale behind the US' thinking really was.


Who exactly are the Freemasons? Your questions answered in Q&A

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The Birth of Australia

How did they build Abu Simbel?

The tale of an Empress who began life as a prostitute

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