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Roundheads vs. Cavaliers, The Great Belzoni, Krystyna Skarbek, Isabella I of Castile, Top ten deadly fashions, Murder, Inc, the invention of basketball, 19th century photography, the Royal Pavilion and more!

December 2017 issue

Our big story…


Julian Humphrys tells the fascinating tale of two friends, caught up in England’s civil war between royalist Cavaliers and parliamentarian Roundheads, a conflict that tore families, friends and nations apart.


Also inside the issue…

Great Adventures: Giovanni Belzoni

Meet the former circus strongman who travelled to Egypt and became one of its most prominent Egyptologists, raiding tombs across the land

Top 10: Deadly Fashions

From foot binding to corsets, and crinolines to arsenic dresses, these garments are truly to die for…

History Makers: Krystyna Skarbek

The Polish countess who became ‘Churchill’s favourite spy’


The Luddites


In Pictures: 19th century photography

Brighton’s Royal Pavilion

The first nuclear reactor

Murder, inc… the Mafia’s hitmen


… and much more!

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