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During the 15th and 16th centuries, powerful European nations embarked on frenetic campaigns of global discovery, colonial conquest and trade-orientated empire building.

Plus… Who discovered America?
Explorers Columbus and Cabot could both have claimed he discovery of the New World, but while one found fame and fortune, the other disappeared from history

And… Sir Francis Drake: England’s Sea Dragon
The first Englishman to sail around the world, Drake was feted at home for filling Elizabeth I’s coffers with stolen treasure, but hated by Spain who feared the man they called ‘El Draque’

Also inside the issue…

Killing Hitler

The true story of Valkyrie – when German officers conspired to assassinate the Fuhrer, only to fall agonisingly close.

Saladin Crushes the Crusaders

The muslim forces’ victory over the Christian army at Hattin led to the recapture of Jersusalem and was a catastrophic defeat for western Christendom.

What happened to Einstein’s brain? and other fascinating questions answered by our panel of experts in Q&A

The revenge of the 47 ronin

Freedom Fighter: Olaudah Equiano

“I am bored with it all” – the Top 10 famous last words

Spanish Flu – the deadly pandemic that killed more than World War I

The night when John Lennon was gunned down

You could win a prize by completing this month’s historical crossword


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