Who would invite Nikola Tesla to a dinner party?

Every issue of History Revealed, we ask a well-known personality to choose five guests from history to invite to a dinner party


Here’s who Red Dwarf star and writer Robert Llewellyn wants…


American pastor who headed the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, best known for his anti-gay picketing of funerals of homosexual soldiers

“He’s dead, thank goodness, so I’d like to have him. The founder of the mind-numbing Westboro Baptist Church, and a Christian – apparently. He’d be a nightmare but would keep the conversation lively with his absurd hatreds. I’d make sure I had a long table and put him at the far end, tying him to his chair so we could throw stuff at him and laugh.”

19th century American abolitionist, she was born into slavery but escaped and spent her life fighting for the rights of former slaves

“I want women at this table who can easily hold their own in majority male company and Sojourner is definitely up for the task. I’d love to hear her take on slavery, women’s rights and the juddering progress since the 19th century. She had what can fairly be described as a bloody tough life, but she survived. Her brand of Christianity would contrast nicely with the Phelps bloke.”

Inventor and developer of the alternating-current electrical system, the original and archetypal ‘mad scientist’

“He was mad as a cut snake but what a dude! The amount of stuff he invented that we’re only just starting to use now is quite mind-boggling. I want him to see what we’re up to and explain that, after years of obscurity, he’s finally making a bit of a comeback as a major influence. I’d also like to pick his brains for any other inventions.”

English writer from the 18th century and eloquent advocate of women’s rights

“An amazing woman who died shortly after childbirth, at the age of 38. She wrote the ground-breaking book A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman and she didn’t follow the very narrow parameters of what was expected of women of her day. I think she’d have a few things to say about then and now. The daughter she died giving birth to was Mary Shelley, who went on to write Frankenstein.”

Russian Marxist revolutionary in the early 20th century and founder of the Red Army

“I’ve always had a soft spot for Leon. I grew up surrounded by Marxist Leninists and they always hated Trotskyites. Personally, I found they were all quite annoying, so it would be good to have a chat with Leon and try to make up my mind. Plus, he had great style and seems a little more human than that Stalin bloke.”


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