Who would invite Adolf Hitler to a dinner party?

Every issue of History Revealed, we ask a well-known personality to choose five guests from history to invite to a dinner party


Here’s who comedian and writer Richard Herring wants…



“I did a show about the Hitler moustache and why it’s seen as evil when loads of people had one, like Charlie Chaplin. Obviously, I don’t approve of a lot of the things Hitler did, so it would be a frosty reception for him.

And he’s vegetarian, which makes things slightly annoying on the catering front. I wouldn’t poison him, though. If you got rid of Hitler, it wouldn’t guarantee that something worse wouldn’t happen.”


“I like to put him together with Hitler to find out how Chaplin felt about him copying his moustache. I think in thousands of years, people will be digging up artefacts of Hitler and Chaplin, and assuming it’s the same person. I really do. They’re the most famous people of the 20th century and they had the same moustache.”


“I’ve been obsessed with him for my whole life. His life has become a modern-day myth. Was he good or bad? He was one of the first ordinary people to get right into the heart of power, a peasant who affected government. He’s been portrayed as an evil, scheming devil, but he was a fun guy – he liked music and dancing and drinking and women. And he believed sinning was a way to get closer to God. I can go with that.”


“His end was gruesome, but it’s also my favourite funny moment in history. When he was discovered in the Houses of Parliament surrounded by gunpowder, they asked him his name. He said it was John Johnson. It’s just the worst made-up name ever! He was a terrorist but history has turned him into this affable, cartoonish figure. I seem to be interested in mythologised people with unusual facial hair…”


“He’s got the best name in history! He was a pretender to the throne of Henry VII and claimed to be one of the Princes in the Tower. It would be nice to get to the bottom of that mystery. He admitted he was an imposter, but that might have been tortured out of him. Another pretender to the throne was Lambert Simnel. That’s another name that sounds like it was made up by a comedy writer.”


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