Victorian era is victorious

Move over Ancient Egypt, Medieval Britain and Wild West America – the historical period most people would like to call home is Victorian Britain, according to a poll carried out by the team at History Revealed


38% of people surveyed are happy to put up with the widespread poverty, unsanitary conditions and the looming threat of death and disease in order to hang out with Queen Victoria, Charles Dickens and Isambard Kingdom Brunel.


So what was the attraction? 40% of the 1,384 people surveyed praised the era as a time of change and innovation, socially, scientifically and in industry. Nearly a quarter (23%) said they chose the Victorians because it felt safer and more civilised than other periods of history.

Editor of History Revealed, Paul McGuinness, says, “There’s a long established love affair with Victorian Britain but we were surprised to see it emerge as such a clear favourite as a period to actually live through. Much of Victorian life was pretty grim, with tough living conditions for many, but it’s also a time of opportunity for some and great change in general.”

Our survey also asked who people would like to invite to a fantasy dinner party. With 43% of the vote, it looks like William Shakespeare is coming round for dinner – so you’d better hide the ale! Winston Churchill was second with 40% and Elizabeth I received 34% of the vote. The conversation will be lively, just don’t overcook the meal or it’s off with your head.


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