Top picks of the week: archaeobunnies

Archaeology had an interesting development this week as burrowing rabbits discovered ancient treasures

Rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus,

A family of wild rabbits in Land’s End, Cornwall, uncovered a collection of tools and flint objects thought to date back 5,000 years.


The tools included hide scrapers and arrowheads. The rabbits’ finds were so impressive that a full archaeological investigation was commissioned, which discovered remnants of both the Bronze and Iron Ages, from burial mounds to hill forts.

Big Heritage will spend the next two years excavating the Land’s End site. They have not made it clear whether the ‘archaeobunnies’ will be part of the excavation team.

This coming week

We’re looking forward to the publication of Vikings: Life and Legend (The British Museum Press) in preparation of The British Museum’s major exhibition opening in March.

With beautiful illustrations and photography, the book explores the Viking Age in the ninth and tenth centuries. The influences of the Christian and Islamic worlds in Europe on Viking culture can be traced through the range of objects featured. New archaeological discoveries prove that the Vikings shared cultural elements with parts of Europe, Byzantium and even the Middle East.

Vikings: Life and Legend complements the opening of the exhibition at the British Museum and is on sale now.


The exhibition opens at the British Museum on 6 March.