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Inside the issue…


The Vikings are Coming!

Bloodthirsty heathens or intrepid explorers? The inside story of the fearsome Northmen.

PLUS: Violent Vikings

Did the ‘wolves of war’ deserve their reputation? 

Also this issue:

Stalingrad: the worst battle ever fought? 

Find out why the Battle of Stalingrad was the most miserable and bloody battle of World War II – if not thee history of warfare.

North vs South

The American Civil War, four years of bloodshed that claimed around 750,000 lives, was the first major conflcit to be extensively photographed – and the results are revealing…

Kerouac & Cassady: Freewheelin’ Through the States

Follow the novelist and his Beat Gen buddies, tracing the routes that inspired Jack Kerouac’s seminal work, On The Road, heralded as a bible for generations of road trippers.


Q&A: Your questions answered, including: how old is the cat flap?

Simon Bolivar: the Great Liberator

The Great Exhibition: The World Fair Unveiled

Top 10: Strangest fads in history

The Reel Story: The King’s Speech

The extraordinary tale of Gertrude Bell


And see who Tom Kerridge invites for dinner!