July 2014 issue on sale now!

Our July 2014 issue is on sale now. Pick up your print copy, or try out our digital edition.


Inside the issue…


Gladiators of Rome

Mortal Combat, lions and chariot races – behind the scenes at the Circus!

PLUS: The legend of Spartacus: leader of slaves

Discover the true story of his epic rebellion

Also this issue:

Watergate: Nixon’s downfall

We explore one of America’s biggest political scandals through the classic film, All the President’s Men

An affair of state: Edward & Mrs Simpson

The love story that led to a constitutional crisis in Britain

The Battle of Gettysburg

Discover the crucial clash that marked the turn of the American Civil War


Q&A: Your questions answered, including: why do the English love tea?

Captain Bligh’s return: after the mutiny on the Bounty

Top 10: obsolete medical ‘cures’

Rationing during World War II

The extraordinary tale of witch hunter, Matthew Hopkins

And see who Simon Mayo invites for dinner!


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