Centenary commemorations are taking place all over Europe

Britain is, of course, not the only nation paying tribute to the millions who lost their lives 100 years ago


As the scene of much of the fighting – and having lost around 1.4 million men during the conflict – France has embraced the centenary, planning 1,500 events around the country and inviting the former warring nations to a peace demonstration on Bastille Day, 14 July.


Commemorations are expected to be more muted in Germany. However, the German federal president, Joachim Gauck, is expected to join forces with French president, Francois Hollande, to lay a foundation stone for a museum at the site of the Hartmannsweilerkopf battlefield in French Alsace in August 2014.


Meanwhile, in June Bosnia-Herzegovina will host a major cultural event, entitled ‘Sarajevo: Heart of Europe’, in the city where the fatal shots that sparked the war were fired 100 years ago.