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Join the Space Race and journey across the Alps with Hannibal and his elephants in the August issue of History Revealed - on sale now!


Our main story…


The Space Race

How the Cold War launched humankind’s greatest adventure and put a man on the surface of the Moon.

PLUS: Aldrin’s Odyssey

Buzz Aldrin was a brilliant engineer and a brave astronaut, but struggled to cope with life back on Earth.

Also inside the issue…

Enemy of Rome: Hannibal’s Epic March Across the Alps

Leading his army on a perilous trek from Spain to Italy, the great general scored a series of unlikely victories against the mighty Roman Empire, but ultimately fell short.

Atahualpa: The Death of the Inca

Atahualpa’s downfall is a tale of greed, violence and God, with devestating consequences for the entire Inca civilisation.

The Reel Story: Schindler’s List

The real characters and tragic events that inspired Steven Spielberg to create his heart-wrenching epic movie.


World War II ends with the dropping of the bomb on Nagasaki

Top 10 underdogs

The Battle of Marathon

Windrush: the Caribbean migration

All your questions answered by our panel of experts

And see who Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson invites to dinner!


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