Did Ancient Roman togas have pockets?

Where else would the citizens of the Holy Roman Empire keep their denarii?

Did Ancient Roman togas have pockets? © Getty Images

Comprising a large semi-circle of heavy woollen cloth, the toga was a deeply impractical garment. Once on, the weight and form of the garment left the wearer with little option than to stand relatively immobile, excess folds of cloth being supported by the left arm.


As well as limiting any sort of physical activity, such as walking, running or going to the toilet unaided, the toga came with a major disadvantage for everyday use, namely that it did not possess any pockets or other forms of in-built storage.


Some wearers are known to have kept items carefully balanced in the front folds of their toga, where it crossed over their chest, while others carried purses or leather bags tied discretely to the arm or belt. Important items were carried by slaves.