Group Captain James Stagg
The morning of 6 June has gone down as perhaps the defining moment of World War II in Europe. A mass invasion was successfully launched that would end in the defeat of Hitler and the Nazi army, and it all started on D-Day
Nero statue in Anzio, Italy | © Roberto Lucci | Dreamstime.com
The fifth Roman Emperor is among the most despised figures from history for his horrific cruelty to early Christians and, as the legend goes, for playing the fiddle while Rome was consumed by fire
| © Purestock
Wine is known in many areas of the world, and most cultures have their own legends about how it was first made
In the few portraits of Anne Boleyn that exist, there is no indication of an ext
Is there any truth to the oft-repeated rumour that Henry VIII’s second wife and Elizabeth I’s mother, Anne Boleyn, had an extra digit on her right hand?
In the small Italian town of Rimini, Italy, is a column marking Caesar's crossin
The Rubicon is a small river in northern Italy, so why is crossing it considered such a significant thing to do?
Holy Trinity Church - the resting place of William Shakespeare | © David Hughes
On the banks of the river in Stratford-on-Avon stands Holy Trinity Church. Buried inside is the greatest playwright in the English language, William Shakespeare
'The War Workers': a cartoon about woman working in munitions factories
How much the war advanced women’s rights has long been open to debate
Last Roman Emperor, Romulus Augustulus. (Spencer Arnold/Getty Images)
By the later 5th century the Emperor of Rome was a virtually powerless puppet of the barbarian warlords who ruled most of the west. History Revealed magazine investigates...
© Lucian Milasan | Dreamstime.com
Worn on the English football shirt since the team’s very first international game in 1872, the badge bearing three lions might initially seem an odd choice...
As dawn broke on 1 July 1916, the curtain rose on one of the most furious periods of bloodletting of the entire war
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