Agrianian Peltast by Johnny Shumate
In the battles of Ancient Greece, a special type of light infantry was used as skirmishers – meaning they ran ahead of the main battle line and fired the first shots at the enemy
| © Daniel Thornberg | Dreamstime.com
To give someone a warning of imminent severe action is referred to as giving them a ‘shot across the bows’ – a phrase that, unsurprisingly, comes from the history of warfare
| © Mreco99 | Dreamstime.com
As with many apparently simple inventions, there is some dispute over who first came up with the idea
Over 900 years ago, the first collection of ‘strange’ animals was formed in a small town in Oxfordshire
| © ognianm
Who were the first to be saved by the bell – boxers or the recently buried?
Chelsea Pensioners at the Pearly Kings & Queens Harvest Festival
In the 18th century, you could get strung up for all sorts of things…
Napoleon Bonaparte
After Napoleon I, Emperor of France, was defeated at Waterloo, he was banished to a remarkably remote location…
Group Captain James Stagg
The morning of 6 June has gone down as perhaps the defining moment of World War II in Europe. A mass invasion was successfully launched that would end in the defeat of Hitler and the Nazi army, and it all started on D-Day
| © Purestock
Wine is known in many areas of the world, and most cultures have their own legends about how it was first made
In the few portraits of Anne Boleyn that exist, there is no indication of an ext
Is there any truth to the oft-repeated rumour that Henry VIII’s second wife and Elizabeth I’s mother, Anne Boleyn, had an extra digit on her right hand?
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