Tying tin cans to the newlyweds' getaway car was said to ward off evil spirits ©
It has nothing to do with bees, unfortunately
Tutankhamun ruled in the 18th Dynasty, from c1332-23 BC © Getty
Did the Boy Pharaoah hex the people who disturbed his eternal rest? Probably not, but it made for good gossip...
Oh I do like to be beside the sea side...
 Detail from Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (The Very Rich Hours of the Duke
Purple is traditionally thought of as the colour most associated with royalty and monarchy – so where does blue come into it?
The common conception is that the Victorians were simply stuffy and repressed, but there might have been a reason that they didn't want to flash their pearly whites at the camera
Pathologist Thomas Harvey (1912–2007) holds the brain of Albert Einstein in a ja
His was one of the finest minds of all time, the source of both the theory of relativity and the world's most famous equation. But what happened to theoretical physicist Albert Einstein's grey matter after he died? Not what he expected, is...
Welsh fan holding leek while celebrating winning a rugby match.
The leek has been a national symbol of Wales for thousands of years, but how did the connection begin? Learn the story behind one of Wales's most treasured emblems.
The name Valentine is now synonymous with love and romance. Every year, billions are spent around the world, from the standard dozen roses to diamond rings, in the name of St Valentine, but who was he and where did Valentine’s Day come from?
The colonial origins of the new 'it' drink
Might Jesus and his 12 apostles have something to do with it? 
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