The term 'Huns' was often used on propaganda posters like this one.
Does the term have anything to do with the most famous hun, the defintely-not-German warlord Attila?
Where else would the citizens of the empire keep their denarii?
Depiction of the Siege of Orleans
Men facing death if their castle fell would have used whatever came to hand to drive off their enemies, but was boiling oil amongst them?  
  It seems the Romans have a lot to answer for....
Statue of Emperor Caligula, who ruled from AD37 to AD 41, He once declared that
Or was he just horsing around...?
The three lions crest has appeared on every England football shirt
Obvious answer aside, the three lions became a symbol of England thanks to 12th-century warmonger who is popularly held to have been unable to speak a word of English himself. He also happened to be one of our kings.
The fight for the standard at the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh on 10 September 1547,
Fought on Scottish soil, the last battle between these old enemies was not for territory, but to create an alliance
Cockerel waether vane on the spire of St Thomas's Church in Melbury Abbas, Dorse
At the Last Supper, Jesus made a prediction that would have a profound influence on church architecture
Scholar Leonardo Bruni believed he lived in a golden age, which we know as the R
Men and women of the Norman and Tudor worlds certainly would not have known what it meant.
Britain likes to lay claim to inventing football, but it turns out that humans  enjoyed kicking balls about before Britain even existed
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