Welsh fan holding leek while celebrating winning a rugby match.
The leek has been a national symbol of Wales for thousands of years, but how did the connection begin? Learn the story behind one of Wales's most treasured emblems.
The name Valentine is now synonymous with love and romance. Every year, billions are spent around the world, from the standard dozen roses to diamond rings, in the name of St Valentine, but who was he and where did Valentine’s Day come from?
The colonial origins of the new 'it' drink
Might Jesus and his 12 apostles have something to do with it? 
19th September marks International Talk Like A Pirate Day, but before you start oohing and arring, make sure you 'ave a read of this
Invented by pharmacist John Pemberton, ‘Coca-Cola’ debuted as an ‘Intellectual Beverage’ and ‘Brain Tonic’ in Atlanta in 1886
Is there any historical veracity behind the Biblical story? 
The real history behind Pirates of the Caribbean  
Antony's Cleopatra was just one of many...
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