Prostitutes, sword-fights, animal cruelty, boys dressed as girls... Just another day at the office for William Shakespeare and company
From humble beginnings to performing for the Queen, this self-taught crack shot became one of the Old West's most recognisable figures
From illicit love affairs to ‘happily ever afters’, history is full of royal romances – here is our pick of the top eight
The poisoner of Pimlico, the body in the wych elm... these crime mysteries have had people puzzled for centuries
January 2017 The true and saucy story of maverick Admiral Nelson, plus the Hundred Years' War, Hiroshima, Harriet Tubman, top 10 banned books, Machu Pichhu: The lost city of the Inca, Charles Lindburgh, and much more!
Why we have Crusaders to thank for this Christmas treat
From medieval 'office' parties to Druidic tree decorating, discover the origins of our favourite festive frolics
Top 50 Kings and Queens, the Profumo Affair, Tutankhamun's Tomb, Che Guevara's Motorcycle Diaries, a Dickensian Christmas and much more!
Inside the military debacle that the UK hoped to brush under the carpet
From 6 December, the British comedian's iconic headgear will be on display in the V&A Museum
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