Supplies being carried for the English besiegers of Orleans included barrels of
It sounds like an incident during an Anglo-Icelandic fishing dispute, but it was in fact a real battle, fought in February 1429 during the Hundred Years' War
Charles Dickens giving a public reading © Getty Images
A new star-studded film that tells the story of Charles Dickens' secret mistress premiered in London this week
Edward VI - image Georgios Kollidas
Scottish independence, stem cell research and GDP are dominating the headlines at the moment. But what was going on during this week in history?
© Elnur |
The scene in Shakespeare's Henry VI Part One, where at the start of the conflict members of the rival factions chose red or white roses in the Temple Garden to symbolise the side they supported, is great drama - but pure invention
Fine dining became popular in the mid-19th century - image BrittaKokemor
Although the word 'restaurant' dates from 18th-century Paris, it wasn't until the mid-19th century that a fashion for fine dining really caught on in London
The Musketeers aired on BBC One on Sunday - image BBC/Steve Neaves
New action-packed drama The Musketeers aired on BBC One earlier this month. The show, which stars the likes of Peter Capaldi and Tom Burke, was inspired by Alexandre Dumas's 1844 novel The Three Musketeers
Wives and Sweethearts: Love Letters Sent During Wartime published by Simon & Sch
History has been a hot topic in recent days - from news of the discovery of what could be King Alfred's pelvis, to the return of Mr Selfridge to TV screens
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