Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan published by Bloomsbury
We’ve been enjoying William Dalrymple’s latest book and the news of three extraordinary finds
Alfred the Great statue in Winchester © Anthony Baggett |
The recent discovery of a piece of pelvic bone thought to belong to King Alfred, or to his eldest son, Edward, has sparked new interest in the King of Wessex
Image Jaroslaw Baczewski
Medieval arrows were expensive things. Each arrow cost about the same as a day's wages for the average man
Marie Curie posing in her laboratory © Getty Images
Physicist, chemist and forerunner in radioactivity research, Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, and the discoverer of two new elements
To say that tanks were the difference between defeat and victory would be to overstate their impact. However, there’s little doubt they played an increasingly significant role in Allied successes on the western front in the final two years of the conflict
On 6 April 1917, politicians across the Allied nations celebrated the news that many despaired of ever hearing – the United States had declared war on Germany
Britain is, of course, not the only nation paying tribute to the millions who lost their lives 100 years ago
On 31 May 1916, Walter Yeo was manning the guns of HMS Warspite during the battle of Jutland when the ship came under fire
Liftoff of the last lunar mission, Apollo 17, December 1972, courtesy of Breese
A new exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, opens today celebrating the 450th anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare
The rabbits have been in Land's End for over a year © MikeLane45
Archaeology had an interesting development this week as burrowing rabbits discovered ancient treasures
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