The Iron Curtain was both physical and mental | wirbnbrinf
The political and ideological division between the Soviet Union and the West after World War II split Europe in two
Pilots employed all kinds of tactics to bring down enemy planes – especially in the first months of the war
How will you be enjoying Pancake Day? | OlenaMykhaylova
Do you like a standard pancake with lemon and sugar or are you a bit more adventurous, dolloping on ice cream?
The Spirit of St Louis | Dorling Kindersley
With the media in a frenzy, it would have been difficult to find someone in America in 1932 who didn’t know who the Lindbergh baby was
Both sides quickly realised that smashing their opponents’ armies on the battlefield wasn’t the only way to win the war
Lincoln Cathedral | paul jackson
For nearly 4,000 years, the Great Pyramid stood tall until it was outdone by...
By 1915, stalemate reigned supreme. Every attempt to break the deadlock in Europe was resulting in mass casualties for, at best, miniscule gains
Howard Carter, 8 May 1924 | Library of Congress
Archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter shot to fame when he discovered the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun
Leadenhall Street, London | J Hopkins, 1837
Move over Ancient Egypt, Medieval Britain and Wild West America – the historical period most people would like to call home is Victorian Britain, according to a poll carried out by the team at History Revealed
Clifford's Tower, York | Peter Ingvorsen
During the reign of Henry VIII, discontent rose, particularly in the north of England
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