The changing face of England's most divisive king Words: Julian Humphrys
Discover who he owes his special theory of relativity to...
The story behind the Battle of Graveney Marsh
The tragic tale of the author who sued for libel but ended up in the accused’s box himself Words: Alice Barnes-Brown
From chocolate to hand mirrors
Discover the extraordinary stories behind some of history's biggest names  
When ‘enchanted’ seamstress Bridget Cleary was executed by her own husband, the political shockwaves threw the possibility of Irish Home Rule into question Words: Marian McHugh
Medieval London descended into anarchy when an army of angry citizens rose up against the ruling elite This feature first appeared in the April 2017 issue of History Revealed
Beyond the dusty streets at high noon, clinking of spurs, Stetsons, tin stars and calls of "DRAW!" in Hollywood westerns, here the real gunfights that made this lawless time so iconic  
Billy the Kid, Chinese Cultural Revolution, the Peasant's Revolt, the Fuhrerbunker, Roundheads vs. Cavaliers, The Trial of Oscar Wilde, Emperor Nero, plus a FREE pull-out mag '50 Discoveries that Shaped History'... and much more!
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