Professor Robert Bartlett | BBC/Jamie Simpson
The new BBC series examining the history of England’s longest ruling dynasty began this week
A model based on the Seal of Dover. (Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)
Coming from the French word for 'five', the confederation of five ports goes back to the Middle Ages and still exists in some form today. History Revealed magazine investigates...
There was only one major naval encounter in World War I. History Revealed magazine investigates...
“Next to the loss of life, the sacrifice of a limb is the greatest sacrifice that man can make for his country.” So wrote The Times in 1920
Roman physician and philosopher Galen | © Steven Wynn
For millennia it was standard practice – sometimes taking over a pint of blood at a time – for a list of ailments, including headaches and hysteria
The 101st Airborne are also called the Screaming Eagles | © John Cairns
The men of Easy Company during World War II will always be known as the ‘Band of Brothers’ thanks to Stephen Ambrose’s book and the hit television series
Surely nothing symbolises the barbarity of trench warfare better than poison gas
© Stockbyte
The term ‘Pontiff’ comes from the Latin title Pontifex maximus, which was, traditionally awarded to the high priest of Rome
The Cenotaph has been the centrepiece of services to remember the fallen since 1919
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