Napoleon Bonaparte
After Napoleon I, Emperor of France, was defeated at Waterloo, he was banished to a remarkably remote location…
Group Captain James Stagg
The morning of 6 June has gone down as perhaps the defining moment of World War II in Europe. A mass invasion was successfully launched that would end in the defeat of Hitler and the Nazi army, and it all started on D-Day
The Trojan Horse was portrayed in the 2004 film Troy © Mg1408 |
The phrase is used to warn against possible deception by an adversary, but where does it originate?
Nero statue in Anzio, Italy | © Roberto Lucci |
The fifth Roman Emperor is among the most despised figures from history for his horrific cruelty to early Christians and, as the legend goes, for playing the fiddle while Rome was consumed by fire
T E Lawrence in British Army uniform, 1918
History Revealed magazine looks back at Thomas Edward Lawrence, better known as 'Lawrence of Arabia', the British World War I soldier who was instrumental in the Arab Revolt...
With the release of his latest novel, God of Vengeance, we ask the acclaimed author why he is so fascinated with the world of the Vikings
Christopher Columbus on Santa Maria in 1492, painted by Emanuel Leutze in 1855
The flagship of Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to the ‘New World’, the Santa Maria, has not been seen for over 500 years. But now, a team of maritime archaeologists are confident that they have found the wreck of the Santa Maria off the northern coast of Haiti, in the Caribbean
John Wilkes Booth sneaks into Lincoln's box in Ford's Theater before shooting hi
If you have done something that makes you unpopular, disgraced, or discredited, it is said that, ‘your name is mud’
| © Purestock
Wine is known in many areas of the world, and most cultures have their own legends about how it was first made
Arthur Balfour went on to be Prime Minister in 1902
Used to describe something that can be resolved easily or without much effort, ‘Bob’s your uncle’ usually comes after a set of instructions
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