A year after the war had ended, the pain was still raw and the memories too painful. As the first anniversary of the Armistice approached, questions were asked about how it would be marked
The Christmas Day truce of 1914 – when, for a few precious hours, British and German troops laid down their weapons and fraternised in no man’s land – is one of the most poignant events of the entire war
TPE Paper Installation: Battle of the Somme - issued by Birmingham City Universi
Exhibitions on the Battle of the Somme, the photography of Lee Miller and the history of Britain stretching all the way back to Neanderthals all feature
Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan published by Bloomsbury
We’ve been enjoying William Dalrymple’s latest book and the news of three extraordinary finds
Image: CGissemann
The name Valentine is now synonymous with love and romance. Every year, billions are spent around the world, from the standard dozen roses to diamond rings, in the name of St Valentine, but who was he and where did Valentine’s Day come from?
Alfred the Great statue in Winchester © Anthony Baggett | Dreamstime.com
The recent discovery of a piece of pelvic bone thought to belong to King Alfred, or to his eldest son, Edward, has sparked new interest in the King of Wessex
Image Jaroslaw Baczewski
Medieval arrows were expensive things. Each arrow cost about the same as a day's wages for the average man
Marie Curie posing in her laboratory © Getty Images
Physicist, chemist and forerunner in radioactivity research, Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, and the discoverer of two new elements
To say that tanks were the difference between defeat and victory would be to overstate their impact. However, there’s little doubt they played an increasingly significant role in Allied successes on the western front in the final two years of the conflict
On 6 April 1917, politicians across the Allied nations celebrated the news that many despaired of ever hearing – the United States had declared war on Germany
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