The Black Death, re-thinking Caligula's reputation, the Korean War, Henry VIII's warship Mary Rose, the real 'Hidden Figures', top 10 failed assassinations, the dawn of flight, Spanish Flu and much more!
The brand new Churchill biopic, Darkest Hour, focuses on four crucial weeks in 1940 that defined both the course of the Second World War, and Churchill himself. Alice Barnes-Brown speaks to director Joe Wright to learn about the man behind his stirring speeches...
50 Decisions that Changed the World, Princess Margaret vs. The Crown, Joan of Arc, Seppuku, Francis Drake, FREE Little Book of Christmas Answers, Joan of Arc, The Jazz Age, and much more!
Jonny Wilkes asks whether the notorious outlaw, Billy the Kid, deserves his ruthless reputation
Roundheads vs. Cavaliers, The Great Belzoni, Krystyna Skarbek, Isabella I of Castile, Top ten deadly fashions, Murder, Inc, the invention of basketball, 19th century photography, the Royal Pavilion and more!
It took just one monk to bring down the most powerful institution in Medieval Europe. Alicea Francis tells the story of the man who dared defy the Catholic Church 500 years ago today 
Did psychiatry emerge as a rational response to England's growing mental health crisis, or was there a more sinister motive?   Words by Helen Davies
Why did bloodletting remain so popular for so long? 
The colonial origins of the new 'it' drink
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