The hosts Uruguay were also Olympic champions, having won gold at the 1928 games
The 2014 FIFA World Cup has been a feast of talent, skills and breath-taking goals, but who will ultimately emerge as the victors? As you look forward to the final this Sunday, we are looking back at the first-ever final in 1930
While on a voyage in the Pacific Ocean, the British Royal Navy ship HMS Bounty was taken over by a group of mutineers, led by master’s mate Fletcher Christian
18 people died protesting for reform at St Peter's Field, Manchester
Today, it is more commonly associated with a scolding or threat of punishment from a parent to an unruly teenager, but the original Riot Act had much more serious consequences
An Italian relief of a chariot racer | © Joanna Zaleska |
We are well used to bemoaning footballers’ salaries, or gawping at Tiger Woods’ vast worth, but modern superstars don’t come close to matching the income of history’s highest-paid athlete
| © Todd Taulman
The year was 1776 and war was raging between the American colonies and Britain when 56 men took the brave and groundbreaking step of declaring independence and forming a new nation – the United States of America
Portrait of Thomas Jefferson | © The White House Historical Association
America celebrates Independence Day today, when the Declaration of Independence was adopted - a historical document penned predominantly by Thomas Jefferson
The women's final takes place on Saturday and the men's will be on Sunday
As Wimbledon 2015 gets under way, History Revealed shares five facts about the legendary tournament...
When actors stepped through the curtains, they were said to 'break the legs'
It is the height of bad luck to wish an actor "good luck" before they go on stage, but how did it become a gesture of well-wishing to say, "break a leg"?
| © Digbydachshund
As dawn broke on 1 July 1916, the curtain rose on one of the most furious periods of bloodletting of the entire war
Which wife was Henry VIII's best match? | © Georgios Kollidas
Psychological research has uncovered which of Henry VIII's six wives was best suited to him
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