When actors stepped through the curtains, they were said to 'break the legs'
It is the height of bad luck to wish an actor "good luck" before they go on stage, but how did it become a gesture of well-wishing to say, "break a leg"?
| © Digbydachshund
As dawn broke on 1 July 1916, the curtain rose on one of the most furious periods of bloodletting of the entire war
Which wife was Henry VIII's best match? | © Georgios Kollidas
Psychological research has uncovered which of Henry VIII's six wives was best suited to him
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Dante's Inferno. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
It is a raucous night out filled with revelry, debauchery and most likely booze, but where does the phrase come from? History Revealed magazine investigates...
Chelsea Pensioners at the Pearly Kings & Queens Harvest Festival
In the 18th century, you could get strung up for all sorts of things…
Queen Victoria is one of the most written-about women in history. But here are five facts about the famous monarch that might have slipped under your radar...
History Revealed July 2014
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Napoleon Bonaparte
After Napoleon I, Emperor of France, was defeated at Waterloo, he was banished to a remarkably remote location…
Group Captain James Stagg
The morning of 6 June has gone down as perhaps the defining moment of World War II in Europe. A mass invasion was successfully launched that would end in the defeat of Hitler and the Nazi army, and it all started on D-Day
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