It's England v France in the ultimate medieval game of thrones, the Hundred Years War. History Revealed explores the brutal showdown between the two nations in the September issue...
| © James Sotirakis
The source of this week’s well-known phrase may not be particularly pleasant, but to find out where the adage comes from, we must all ‘bite the bullet’
East India Company ships destroy Chinese vessels, painting by Edward Duncan
In the 19th century, Britain and France sent in the gunboats to bully China into allowing the sale of opium to its citizens
How much do you like Bakewell Tarts? | © JamieRogers1
The Bakewell Tart – a delectable jam-, sponge- and almond-filled cake – is an adored favourite for many
Richard Whittington and his cat | © Georgios Kollidas |
The tale of ‘Dick Whittington and his Cat’ has passed into folklore, but it is based on a real 14th-century merchant, moneylender and mayor
HMS Hood, photographed near Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, in 1924
HMS Hood was one of the fastest and most powerful warships in the world when she entered service in 1920
| © Fuse
Attempts to get to the bottom of this phrase have left many speechless. To which we at History Revealed must ask: what’s the matter, cat got your tongue?
| © ognianm
Who were the first to be saved by the bell – boxers or the recently buried?
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