For those who don’t fancy ‘eat well and exercise’, these historic weight-loss schemes provide a tantalising alternative.
The real history behind Pirates of the Caribbean  
During his fabled pilgrimage to Mecca of 1324, the Islamic emperor’s unimaginable wealth would prove a weighty moral burden, causing an unintended economic whirlwind that devastated the lands through which he passed Words: Matt Britton
Antony's Cleopatra was just one of many...
Ahead of tonight's brand new series on the Great Fire of London, Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb talks to History Revealed about what her highlights of the show were.   Interviewer: Alice Barnes-Brown
The Hundred Years' War, Nazis in New York, Imhotep, Victoria and Albert, the Summer of Love, Robert Kennedy's Assassination, Annie Londonderry, Casanova... and much more!
When Tudor explorers set sail for the New World, it would end in a mystery that remains unsolved to this day
The historical origins of this everyday phrase
The changing face of England's most divisive king Words: Julian Humphrys
Discover who he owes his special theory of relativity to...
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