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February 2017


Bloody Mary, the Spanish Civil War, the Battle of Singapore, Kenelm Digby, Top 10 Roman Gladiators, Amistad, PLUS a free pull-out mag: 50 assassinations that shook the world, and much more!

Our big story…


Tracy Borman puts Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and so-called ‘bloody Mary’ on trial. Why did these monarchs execute so many innocent people? Who is the worst offender? See our cover feature to find answers about this murderous dynasty.

Also inside the issue


Alfred Dreyfus, the innocent Jewish French army captain blamed for selling secrets to Germany, scapegoated by his government and sent to prison on a rocky Guiana island


A British Privateer, sailing the Mediterranean in search of Spanish and Dutch ships, returning home to work as a scientist


This month’s Battlefield feature discusses what Winston Churchill called “Britain’s worst disaster”, the incredible tale of how Japan captured the entire Malay Peninsula


Who were the Knights Templar?

The Meiji Restoration

The story of Monopoly

Massacre at Glencoe

How did they do that? The Red Baron’s Fokker Dr.I

… and much more! 

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I've enjoyed all the excellent written content but there is also lots of links to further interactive information and videos. A really excellent example of an Interactive Magazine. – meols, UK
This magazine is brilliant I love the interactive nature of the mag on the iPad and I love learning history this is a great choice for everyone – Mouseezio, UK
This is a brilliant magazine. And a fantastic interactive version here! – RachelF6, UK

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