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September 2017



The last days of Anne Boleyn, Vietnam: Why the US never stood a chance, Albert Einstein, the Siege of Jerusalem, Princess Diana’s Funeral, John Snow vs. Cholera, Top Ten Robberies, the Roman Baths and more!
Our big story…


Alison Weir discusses the Queen’s final days, including the intrigues, betrayals and deceptions that led to her beheading. Was she really guilty of the crimes her husband, Henry VIII, accused her of?
Also inside the issue…


As soldiers in the jungle tried to defeat their Communist opponents, the streets back home were growing ripe for revolt. Jonny Wilkes investigates why this war was one the USA was bound to lose.


Scottish explorer Mungo Park white-water rafts through the unknown African interior to discover the source of the Niger River, but his disappearance in the wilderness caused quite a stir at home…


The victory of Athelstan in 937 at the mysterious Battle of Brunanburh was one of the most important in British history, but it’s now virtually unknown. Why has this key fight faded from the pages of history?



How did Crusaders defeate the Caliphate at Jerusalem in 1099?
Albert Einstein, behind closed doors
Women of the First World War
Top 10 Robberies they got away with
The Domesday
The Munich Agreement
Princess Diana’s Funeral
…and much more!
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