An engraving showing how the chess-playing hoax, the Turk, worked
Cons, swindles and hoodwinks – we take a look at some of the hoaxes that made the history books…
German soldiers pose for photographs with men of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Christmas 1914, and it was already evident that World War I was a conflict the likes of which had never been seen before
Memorial to John Lennon in Central Park, New York | © exploitedfairy
On 8 December 1980 – 34 years ago today – former Beatle and music deity John Lennon was shot dead at the door of his home by a crazed fan
Ned Kelly, the day before his execution
To some, he was a folk hero but to others, he was a vicious and remorseless cop killer – to this day, Ned Kelly divides opinion in Australia
From the trailer for Lady from Shanghai (1947)
In our October issue – on sale now – we look at the night Orson Welles caused panic and fear across the US with his now-infamous broadcast of War of the Worlds
| © Ron Sumners | Dreamstime.com
A favourite food of many people, or at least the meat eaters out there, bacon is commonly used to indicate earning money or achieving success
An announcement plastered all over London describes Annie Chapman's murder
Poverty-stricken, crime-ridden and overcrowded, the slums of Whitechapel, London, proved the perfect hiding place for a serial killer in 1888
| © suprunvitaly
To ‘butter someone up’ is to overtly flatter them in the hope of getting something in return
The towering moai on the slopes of Rano Raraku | © anharris
Just looking at the towering stone giants of Easter Island, you can’t help but ask: why were they carved? How were they carved? And how were they moved?
Will our search for the phrase's origins be a wild goose chase? | © Judd Furlong
William Shakespeare is responsible for introducing a host of words and phrases into the English language, including ‘for goodness sake’, 'assassination’ and ‘all’s well that ends well’
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