The term 'Huns' was often used on propaganda posters like this one.
Does the term have anything to do with the most famous hun, the defintely-not-German warlord Attila?
  Ancient empires clash, we take a look at how the events of 1968 rocked the world and we follow the fate of the doomed Titanic through pictures. 
Where else would the citizens of the empire keep their denarii?
Depiction of the Siege of Orleans
Men facing death if their castle fell would have used whatever came to hand to drive off their enemies, but was boiling oil amongst them?  
Christopher Columbus impresses the Arawaks by predicting a total lunar eclipse
If you happen to see the moon turn red during tonight’s lunar eclipse – the longest of this century - spare a thought for Christopher Columbus. In 1504, this very astronomical event saved his life
  It seems the Romans have a lot to answer for....
  The incredible tale of Captain James Cook's voyages, the murders that put an end to the rule of the Romanovs, the story of the warrior queen who defied Rome and so much more!
Daily Sketch front page from the day the World Cup trophy was stolen.
With the Jules Rimet trophy missing, police stumped and all eyes from the world of football on England, it fell to man’s best friend to save the day
The three lions crest has appeared on every England football shirt
Obvious answer aside, the three lions became a symbol of England thanks to 12th-century warmonger who is popularly held to have been unable to speak a word of English himself. He also happened to be one of our kings.
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